Watchingyou Watchingme

Making Interactive Interactive Experience Performance Playful

Counter surveillance Intervention, 2015

#watchingyou #watchingme takes place at the Royal Academy of Arts’ Late event: Digital (Dis)connections. During the #watchingyou #watchingme intervention, the audience can experience either the force of surveillance, or the feeling of hiding from extreme surveillance. To participate we invite you to wear either CCTV gear, or to censor your face by wearing a black censor bar. You can also participate by tweeting pictures (#watchingyou #watchingme) of emerging situations between the CCTV wearers and the censored participants. By doing this we want to raise the question of who is being watched by whom. Is CCTV watching you? Are you watching the system? With this project, we would like the audience to question the paradox of surveillance technology in the information age.

In collaboration with Sam Nguyen

Exhibited at the RA Lates Event: Digital (Dis)connections: Ai Weiwei Late, Royal Academy, London

Images of the event