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Materializing Data, 2014
Uploading images, sending emails and surfing the Internet harm the environment because of their high energy consumption. Seedly makes its user more aware of the amount of data they use by materializing it in real-time.

Seedly is a gadget that connects to your phone and releases plant seeds or other substances as you consume and produce data. The device consists of two parts: the wooden body with a data measuring instrument, and two glass capsules containing the chosen substances.

You plug in your favorite capsule and clip Seedly to your belt. While you get on with your daily routine, Seedly measures your data usage and calculates the appropriate amount of substance to release into the environment.

Seedly raises awareness of the amount of data usage and the problems it causes. It enables you to help the environment by consuming data, but it also questions whether more technology really is the solution to our environmental problems.