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De-Computing DNA, 2014
This project was about De-Computing DNA. De-Computing is all about analysing an object, a process or an idea, taking it apart and putting it together in a new way.

In terms of DNA we wanted to De-Compute the replication process of the DNA, which in nature is done by the Helicase and Polymerase enzymes. We explored what would happen if we imitated this process by having a human duplicate sounds and images over and over using degenerative photocopying and recording techniques.

This resulted in a cell mutation icebox happening. In the box were various devices, each showing an image or sequence cycling through a transformative mutation sequence. As the mutation animations were all looped, they evoked the repetitive and recursive nature of cell replication and genetic coding sequences.

In collaboration with
Jean Vatchara
Ziyang Zhang
Mao Yan Lu
Katie Johnston